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Billing & Coding

Medical Billing & Medical Coding

"Cloud-Based, Full-Service Revenue Cycle Management"

Medical Billing

Our experienced and dedicated professionals guide you from start to finish. We recognize our clients needs by utilizing a personal approach. Optimizing revenue, decreasing costs and reducing client risks are all achieved through multiple methods.

Medical Coding

It can be overbearing to hire, train and oversee competent personnel to perform this complex and closely regulated task. Inaccurate coding affects your company’s profits and penalties associated with coding fraud and abuse. The rules and regulations for this area of practice are getting more severe at time goes on. It is imperative that you have absolute confidence in the coding that is being done for your practice.

Our team of coding specialists are certified through the AAPC, attend continuing education, HIPAA complaint, PQRI ready, CCI edits used regularly and an AAPC licensed coding instructor is on site.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is the process that manages claims processing, payment and revenue generation. Using technology keeps track of your claims process so the healthcare provider doing the billing can follow the process and address any issues, allowing for a steady stream of revenue. Addressing denied claims can cause up to 90 percent of missed revenue opportunity.

This process prevents such events from happening by keeping track of your claims and making sure payments are collected and addressing any denied claims. Build an enhanced revenue cycle that continuously drives optimal return on patient services.

Reimbursement Strategies & Trends

With a long history in medical billing and coding, Advanced Health Partners, Inc. can provide solutions to many of your cash flow issues. We have the patient volume to be able to negotiate preferred compensation rates with third-party payers. Single and small groups don’t have the volume to be able to do this. Advanced Health Partners, Inc. can help your practice negotiate more favorable rates and increase the revenue to your practice without increasing your patient flow.

Practice Management

Shrinking insurance reimbursements, changing regulations and rising business costs, can all feel like barriers to success. We have a broad array of services and expertise to help you to achieve your practice goals. From financial management to insurance we provide you with the tools necessary to establish growth of your practice. Management doesn’t just comprise of one or two services, it is a comprehensive collection of services that better your business.


  • Timely submission of claims
  • Denial management programs
  • Formal appeal process
  • Coding specialists are certified through the AAPC
  • Continuing education
  • HIPAA compliant
  • PQRI ready
  • CCI edits used routinely
  • AAPC licensed coding instructor on site
  • Documentation in-service
  • Timely comprehensive reports with A/R analysis and graphs
  • Routine chart audits
  • Reimbursement strategies
  • Group practice analysis
  • Aggressive pursuit of A/R
  • PQRS ready
  • Chart control through tracking reports
  • CPT and ICD-10 program updated yearly
  • Affordable budget plans
  • Calls to self-patients
  • Bilingual staff
  • Direct interface with patients and insurers
  • Senior management staff available at all times